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درباره ما

Javidan non-profit all-electronic and advanced smart elementary and preschool for girls

* The use of new methods and technologies in the management of education and course content for students

* Creating a happy and suitable educational environment for better teaching and learning of students and improving the school’s management system and training of research students.

* Effective and effective educational design compatible with global standards of smart schools and electronic content for students

* Supervision and guidance of education by teachers on a one-to-one basis, continuous access to the teacher and educational and training officials independent of time and place and remote control system for parents

* Providing educational and psychological solutions and academic counseling

* Compilation of syllabi and rich and educational content in a multimedia and interactive way with the presence of experienced and expert professors

* Equipped with audiovisual educational laboratory system, specialized site and modern laboratory for students

our goals

Better understanding, more practice, higher speed, self-confidence, peace, joy and continuity in learning, foresight, gratitude and thanks to God for excellence.



Google Certified
Microsoft Certified
Apple Certified